Masayo Ishigure
Japanese Koto & Shamisen - New York City
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Carnegie Hall with Manhattan Symphony Orchestra
Japan Society Performance
Masayo Ishigure plays the Japanese koto in traditional and modern styles.
Masayo Ishigure began playing the koto and jiuta shamisen at the age of five in Gifu, Japan. In 1986 she became a special research student at the Sawai Koto Academy of Music, ultimately joining a small group of virtuoso disciples of Tadao and Kazue Sawai. In 1988 Ms. Ishigure received a degree in Japanese Traditional Music at Takasaki Junior Arts College with a concentration on koto and shamisen. Masayo Ishigure now performs at private events, festivals, concert venues, and on CDs and television.
The Sawai Koto Academy in New York City.
The Sawai Koto Academy is one of the most renowned koto academies in the world. The aim of the academy is to shed new light on koto music by incorporating everything from Bach to jazz and thus change the koto from being thought of only as a traditional Japanese instrument into an instrument of universal expressiveness. Masayo Ishigure offers private koto lessons as the only Sawai Koto Academy instructor in the New York metropolitan area.
"Memoirs of a Geisha" Recording in Los Angels 2005 (Photo by David James)
John Williams, Masayo Ishigure, Masakazu Yoshizawa, Itzhak Perlman, Yo Yo Ma (from left to right)
Concert at Stony Brook University
Solo Recital
Sakura Matsuri Koto and Shamisen Ensemble
"Kiku" Festival, New York Botanical Garden
Shamisen and Japanese Dance
Tadao Sawai Sensei plays koto with students from the Sawai Koto Academy
Tadao Sawai, Masayo Ishigure's teacher, playing koto with students from the Sawai Koto Academy.
at Longwood Garden, PA
Sakura Matsuri 2002
"MIDARE" with New York City Ballet Principal Peter Boal
at Guggenheim Museum Lewis Theater
Koto and Violin at Juilliard School
Masayo is playing the shamisen (2003)
Sakuramatsuri (2003)
Performance for opening gallery

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